Interface TagSoupExtractionResult

    • Method Detail

      • addResourceRoot

        void addResourceRoot​(String[] path,
                             org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource root,
                             Class<? extends MicroformatExtractor> extractor)
        Adds a root property to the extraction result, specifying also the path corresponding to the root of data which generated the property and the extractor responsible for such addition.
        path - the path from the document root to the local root of the data generating the property.
        root - the property root node.
        extractor - the extractor responsible of such extraction.
      • addPropertyPath

        void addPropertyPath​(Class<? extends MicroformatExtractor> extractor,
                             org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource propertySubject,
                             org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource property,
                             org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.BNode object,
                             String[] path)
        Adds a property path to the list of the extracted data.
        extractor - the identifier of the extractor responsible for retrieving such property.
        propertySubject - the subject of the property.
        property - the property IRI.
        object - the property object if any, null otherwise.
        path - the path of the HTML node from which the property literal has been extracted.