Class IgnoreAccidentalRDFa

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AutoCloseable, TripleHandler

    public class IgnoreAccidentalRDFa
    extends Object
    implements TripleHandler
    A TripleHandler that suppresses output of the RDFa parser if the document only contains "accidental" RDFa, like stylesheet links and other non-RDFa uses of HTML's
    Richard Cyganiak (
    • Constructor Detail

      • IgnoreAccidentalRDFa

        public IgnoreAccidentalRDFa​(TripleHandler wrapped,
                                    boolean alwaysSuppressCSSTriples)
        wrapped - the decorated triple handler.
        alwaysSuppressCSSTriples - if true the CSS triples will be always suppressed even if the document is not empty. If false then the CSS triples will be suppressed only if document is empty.
      • IgnoreAccidentalRDFa

        public IgnoreAccidentalRDFa​(TripleHandler wrapped)