Class AboutNotURIRule

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    public class AboutNotURIRule
    extends Object
    implements Rule
    This rule is able to detect whether an about value is a valid URL or otherwise is a valid relative URL.
    Michele Mostarda (, Davide Palmisano (
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      • AboutNotURIRule

        public AboutNotURIRule()
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      • getHRName

        public String getHRName()
        Specified by:
        getHRName in interface Rule
        returns the human readable name for this rule.
      • applyOn

        public boolean applyOn​(DOMDocument document,
                               RuleContext context,
                               ValidationReportBuilder validationReportBuilder)
        Description copied from interface: Rule
        Applies this rule to the given document.
        Specified by:
        applyOn in interface Rule
        document - the target document.
        context - the context used to pass data to an eventual Fix.
        validationReportBuilder - the report builder used to collect rule reporting.
        true if al least an issue is detected, false otherwise.