Class RDFaExtractorTest

    • Constructor Detail

      • RDFaExtractorTest

        public RDFaExtractorTest()
    • Method Detail

      • testRDFa11PrefixBackwardCompatibility

        public void testRDFa11PrefixBackwardCompatibility()
                                                   throws org.eclipse.rdf4j.repository.RepositoryException,
        Taken from the GoodRelations test cases. It checks if the extraction is the same when the namespaces are defined in RDFa1.0 or RDFa1.1 respectively.
        org.eclipse.rdf4j.repository.RepositoryException - if an error is encountered whilst loading content from a storage connection
        IOException - if there is an error interpreting the input data - if there is an error within the RDFHandler - if there is an exception parsing an RDF Stream
      • testTolerantParsing

        public void testTolerantParsing()
        Tests that the default parser settings enable tolerance in data type parsing.