Interface ExtractorFactory<T extends Extractor<?>>

    • Method Detail

      • createExtractor

        T createExtractor()
        Creates an extractor instance.
        an instance of the extractor associated to this factory.
      • getSupportedMIMETypes

        Collection<MIMEType> getSupportedMIMETypes()
        Supports wildcards, e.g. "*/*" for blind extractors that merely call a web service.
        a Collection of supported mimetypes.
      • getExampleInput

        String getExampleInput()
        An example input file for the extractor, to be used in auto-generated documentation. For the Extractor.BlindExtractor, this is an arbitrary IRI. For extractors that require content, it is the name of a file, relative to the factory's class file's location, it will be opened using factory.getClass().getResourceAsStream(filename). The example should be a short file that produces characteristic output if sent through the extractor. The file will be read as UTF-8, so it should either use that encoding or avoid characters outside of the US-ASCII range.
        a string representing sample input for a particular extractor.