This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Apache Any23 – Apache Any23 - Build from sources

Build Apache Any23 from sources

This page describes how to build Apache Any23.

Access a Snapshot Version

For the latest snapshot please checkout the code from the public Git repository and build the library. Checkout the code from Github:

$ git clone

Build Apache Any23

The following instructions describe how to build the library with Maven 3.x.y+. For specific information about Maven see: Go to the any23 folder:

$ cd any23/

and execute the following command:

any23$ mvn clean install

This will install the Apache Any23 artifact and its dependencies in your local M2 repository.

Generate Documentation

To generate the project site locally execute the following command from the any23 dir:

any23$ MAVEN_OPTS='-Xmx1024m' mvn clean site

You can speed up the site generation process specifying the offline option ( -o ), but it works only if all the involved plugin dependencies has been already downloaded in the local M2 repository:

any23$ MAVEN_OPTS='-Xmx1024m' mvn -o clean site

If you're interested in generating the Javadoc enriched with navigable UML graphs, you can activate the umlgraphdoc profile. This profile relies on Graphviz that must be installed in your system.

any23$ MAVEN_OPTS='-Xmx256m' mvn -P umlgraphdoc clean site