Interface TripleWriter

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      void close()
      Releases resources associated with this TripleWriter, and flushes (but by default does not close) any underlying OutputStreams.
      void writeNamespace​(String prefix, String uri)
      Writes a prefix-namespace mapping.
      void writeTriple​(org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource s, org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.IRI p, org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Value o, org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource g)
      Writes a triple and, optionally, a graph resource name.
    • Method Detail

      • writeTriple

        void writeTriple​(org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource s,
                         org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.IRI p,
                         org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Value o,
                         org.eclipse.rdf4j.model.Resource g)
                  throws TripleHandlerException
        Writes a triple and, optionally, a graph resource name.
        s - the subject to write
        p - the predicate to write
        o - the object to write
        g - the graph name to write, or null
        TripleHandlerException - if there is an error writing the triple
      • writeNamespace

        void writeNamespace​(String prefix,
                            String uri)
                     throws TripleHandlerException
        Writes a prefix-namespace mapping.
        NOTE: this method should be called before writing out any triples. Calling this method after writing out a triple may result in the prefix-namespace mapping being ignored.
        prefix - the namespace prefix
        uri - the namespace uri
        TripleHandlerException - if there was an error writing out the prefix-namespace mapping